ONE to be taken DAILY (2019)

Louisa has been taking medication to maintain symptoms of her mental illness for over decade. In the series “ONE to be taken DAILY” Louisa hand cuts each empty used pill pack from the foil sheet and then works into them with cotton yarn. Then building up around the empty cut pill packet with spontaneous patterns and motifs. The series of individual artworks break down the daily process of taking medication and allows the artist to sit and contemplate her wellbeing while making the work.

Louisa’s relationship with her own medication is somewhat torn; she is grateful for the relief of symptoms but unwanted side affects can disrupt her daily life. The tension of knots and woven needle lace that pull in all directions show this juxtaposition of feelings. As an artist using textiles Louisa adopts the technique of needle lace to visualise how the act of taking medication has become interlaced into her daily life.

Louisa hopes the work will encourage audiences to reflect on their own relationships to taking medication. Whether taken occasionally for relieving pain, or for long lasting symptoms. She hopes that the time she has taken and put into the artwork with reflection on her own wellbeing resonates with the viewer.

“ONE to be taken DAILY” (I)

Cotton yarn, cut pill packet. (2019)

“ONE to be taken DAILY” (II)

Cotton yarn, cut pill packet. (2019)